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Fingal to join Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, and to draft common Climate Change Strategy with other 3 Dublin Councils

Councillors from all areas of Fingal and all parties have emphasised the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Fingal and adapting to climate change. We included relevant  objectives in the draft Development Plan which was on display earlier this year and had good in depth discussions at the Planning Strategic Policy Committee.

At the July meeting the Council decided unanimously to join the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and to prepare a common Climate Change Strategy together with Dublin City, South Dublin, and Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown.

Details are in the report approved by the Council below:

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Response to consultation on draft County Development Plan

My response to the draft Fingal Development Plan and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Plan is here.

The main issues in my consultation response were sustainable development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, transport, car-oriented development, cycling, road proposals, aviation, building energy use, and renewable energy. A recurrent theme under many of these headings was the lack of actual assessment in the SEA report.

As Councillors, we will receive a report on all consultations responses in July and based on that feedback can submit amendments to the plan in August for meetings in September. I would welcome any feedback on the issues in my submission or on or any other aspect of the Development Plan.

County Development Plan open to Public Consultation from today

Fingal County Council’s draft County Development Plan 2017-2023 is on display for public consultation from today until 4.30pm on 29th April.  The draft Plan is online and available in all Fingal libraries. There will also be public meetings as part of the consultation process.

There are a number of aspects of the plan which need to be changed to bring it more into line with a transition to a sustainable low-carbon climate resilient Fingal. I will be working to make these changes.

The next stage of the plan will be to consider the response to the public consultation at a series of meetings in the Autumn.

Email to Transport Minister on Greater Dublin Area Draft Transport Strategy

I have written to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport in relation to the draft Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy. The Strategy was drawn up in order to address congestion and addressing climate change was not one of the objectives in developing the Strategy. This is contrary to the obligations which all public bodies now have under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill. I pointed this out in my response to the public consultation in relation to the Strategy, but the Strategy has now been sent to the Minister essentially unchanged. This latest draft was supplied to the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly for our comments. My email of 9th January to Minister Donohoe (attaching my response to the consultation) is below.

Mr. Pascal Donohoe,
Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport,​
Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport,
44 Kildare Street,
Dublin 2

Re: Compliance with Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 in the development of and adoption of a Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area.​

Dear Minister Donoho​e,

I refer to the draft Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016 to 2035 which has been sent to your office by the National Transport Authority​.The purpose of my letter is to draw your attention to the obligations which now apply to you and all other relevant bodies under section 15 of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015 and ​to highlight ​the relevance ​of these obligations ​to the adoption of a Transport Strategy.

The draft Transport Strategy which has been submitted to you envisages a significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the Dublin area during more than half of the time period specified in the Act for transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy. As documented in the accompanying documentation, the strategy would lead to a minimal reduction compared to a ‘business as usual’ scenario.

The reason the Strategy has this minimal effect is that, as confirmed to me by the National Transport Authority (NTA), greenhouse gas emissions abatement was not one of the objectives which drove the development of the Strategy.

I pointed out in my submission to the NTA in response to their public consultation ​on the draft Strategy that, on the enactment of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015, adoption of the strategy as drafted would be illegal due to its failure to comply with the obligations in​ s.15 of the Act. From my reading of the subsequent draft submitted to you, my observation seems not to have been taken account of.  I attach a copy of that submission for your information.

Manifestly, it would not be lawful for you to approve the draft Strategy without fundamental alterations aimed at bringing transport in Dublin in line with transition to a low carbon climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy.

I am at your disposal to clarify any of the above or anything in the attached and hope to hear how you will comply with the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act.

​Best regards,

Cllr. David Healy

+353 87 6178852
54, Páirc Éabhóra,
Beann Éadair,
Co. Bh.Á.C.