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Objection in relation to proposed redesign of Grange Road junction with industrial estate and design of roads in new development near Red Arches

I have made the following observation:

Observation in relation to Planning Application F16A/0412 at Stapolin, Baldoyle

A chairde,

Please find my observation below.

Availability of information

The majority of the graphics on the online planning file are poorly copied and only partly legible. The technology is easily available to produce good quality copies and it should be used.

Grange Road junction design

Grange Road is identified in the GDA Cycle Network ( as a Secondary Route, with the importance of Baldoyle Industrial Estate as an employment centre emphasised.

The proposed redesign of the Grange Road junction will not provide a quality environment suited to cyclists of all ages and abilities. The opportunity should be taken to provide fully cyclist segregation and traffic light phasing at this junction, providing separate cycle facilities on all arms of the junction.

The Dutch Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic (CROW, 2016, ISBN 978 90 6628 659 7) contains this guidance:



The Irish National Cycle Manual ( approaches the division differently but also leads to the same conclusion, given emphasis by its advice that right turning cyclists should not be required to cross multiple lanes of traffic.

The Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets ( ) contains similar advice.

The County Development Plan requires “the design of roads, including cycle infrastructure, in line with the Principles of Sustainable Safety in a manner consistent with the National Cycle Manual and the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets.”

Given that large numbers of HGVs use this junction, it is essential that segregated cycle facilities, with adequate visibility and dedicated cycle and pedestrian phases are provided at this junction.

Overall street design principles for the new development

In line with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets, the design speed for all roads in the development should be 30km/h and the area should be brought forward for designation as a 30km/h zone straight away so that the designation will be in place before any new streets/roads are opened to use.

Contra flow cycle facilities

One-way routes in the new development should provide for contra flow cycle traffic, as advised in the National Cycle Manual.

Allocation of street space to planting rather than parking

Given the information in the Additional Information response in relation to the over-provision of parking spaces, the fact that the County Development Plan standards are maxima not minima and the proximity of the development to Clongriffin Station, it is important that available street space is used for planting to provide a high quality environment in line with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets.

Best regards,

Cllr. David Healy