Monthly Archives: January 2015

NTA consultation on public transport in North Dublin

The NTA is carrying out a public consultation on a North Dublin Tranport Study. At today’s Council meeting I made the following comments:

  • the study should evaluate linking the rail route options  with the Northern rail line near Donabate (in the list of options to be appraised, some link across while others seem to stop in the fields just north of Swords.)
  • similarly, connnections between bus and rail should be made wherever possible (e.g. the proposed Malahide Road to Tallaght Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route should start at Clongriffin Station, not 1km away from it.)
  • the appraisal criteria should include the impact of each option on the quality of urban spaces, the potential which it would open for pedestrianisation etc.
  • the appraisal should also include the impact of the option on cycling; the design recently put to consultation for the Swords BRT would create a lot of risks for both cyclists and pedestrians by making them share the footpaths.

The public consultation is open until 19th January.