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Submission in relation to bathing waters identification in Broadmeadow Estuary

I made the following submission to the Public Participation in the Identification of Bathing Waters for 2017
Submission: Broadmeadow Estuary
Date Submitted: 27.01.2017 – 1:27pm

Unique Reference Number: CVQ-5169
Title: Broadmeadow Estuary is widely used for dinghy / small boat sailing, windsurfing and kayaking.

These are all sports which involve frequent contact with the water and therefore require water of bathing water quality.

Organised activities are based in Malahide Yacht Club, Swords Sailing and Boating Club and Fingal Sailing School

All of these rely on the inner estuary. If figures on the numbers involved in these water activities are required for the assessment, please contact them directly to get the necessary information.
These uses are promoted on the Council-supported