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Moyne River greenway; Hole in the Wall junction

The design for the Hole in the Wall junction proposal came before the Area Committee and full Council this month. See the details of the proposal and my submission for more information.

The significant change in the design is the provision for a wide underpass to facilitate a separate greenway along the Moyne River (linking eastwards to the route under the Red Arches which is being progressed with the Coastal cycleway and westwards to new neighbourhoods and schools in Belmayne as well as future developments in Belcamp.) The design is also being adjusted to ensure the streamflow is maintained and that wildlife can use the underpass to move along the river. These are very welcome changes.

In relation to the specific design of the junction, the indication was that the NTA were happy with the design as proposed. Nonetheless I think this would be a good location to trial a Dutch junction design and will continue to follow up.

Fingal County Council agrees to produce guidance on cyclists at roadworks

The issue of roadworks being carried out in a way that increases risks for cyclists is a recurring problem, often resulting from a failure of those carrying out the works to consider the needs and safety of cyclists. It’s not always done badly, and this article from gives examples of both good and bad practice.

I was aware of the draft guidance produced by Transport for London (but apparently not yet adopted and now only available on an archive of their consultation website) and I pointed to this in the preparation of the Plan. Unfortunately it wasn’t included in the draft plan.

At this evening’s meeting, the Council agreed to my motion to include the production of guidance for those planning and carrying out roadworks in the Road Safety Plan 2017-2020. (The text of the plan should be online soon at item 20 on this page.)

I hope that the fact that there’s already a draft by Transport for London might help Fingal to finalise guidance soon and that in turn other Irish local authorities might follow Fingal’s example.

Progress on link from Claremont Beach Promenade to Claremont Road

Subsequent to agreement at the Area Committee in 2015, the Council is now working on a design to link the promenade at Claremont Beach to Claremont Road, including renovating the public toilets at the beach.

This was the report to today’s meeting:

Howth Malahide Area Committee (Services A – Operational Matters)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Councillor D. Healy – Fingal Coastal Way- Howth to Baldoyle. AI036624

“That the Chief Executive report on progress in relation to the following motion agreed at this Area Committee in April 2015:

“That the Chief Executive, as part of the Fingal Coastal Way, bring forward a plan for a pedestrian and cycle route from the West Pier along Claremont Beach promenade then by means of a boardwalk or other structure to join Claremont Road at the level crossing, continue along the right-of-way between the two sections of Claremont Road, follow Burrow Road to the level crossing and go down the right-of-way between Lauder’s Lane and also go behind Sutton railway station to link up with Baldoyle Promenade (thereby avoiding two level crossings), and that the possibilities for related improvements to the amenity of Claremont Beach including renovation/replacement of the public toilets provision of improved lifeguard facilities be included in this plan.”


Operations Department has employed a Consulting Engineering firm to carry out the following at Claremont Beach:

• A preliminary design and visualisation, with costs, for a boardwalk from the public toilet west, as far as Claremont Road.

• Outline design and costs for the foul water drainage of the public toilet. At present there is no foul drainage for the public toilet; tunnelling under the railway may be feasible.

• Advise on the rehabilitation of the public toilet (it is currently in a poor state of repair).

The Consulting Engineer’s Report is expected shortly and when to hand can be discussed with Committee members.


Arising from the report, the Committee agreed to my motion that the funding for this work be included in the Capital Programme.

Progress on Kinsealy Greenways

At the Area Committee today it was confirmed that the NTA has approved €50,000 for a feasibility study into the Kinsealy Greenways proposal, following the Area Committee’s meeting with them in January.

These are the indicative routes to be studied.


Kinsealy to Holywell via Abbeville


Portmarnock to Kinsealy


Balgriffin to Kinsealy

Access to train stations

Although all national and local policy talks about prioritising public transport, walking and cycling and ensuring as many people as possible can avail of it, it is often not implemented in practice.


Howth Malahide Area Committee (Services A – Operational Matters)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Councillor D. Healy – Signage to Sutton Dart Station. AI036626

“To ask the Chief Executive what progress has been made in relation to the provision of signs indicating the routes for pedestrians and cyclists from Dublin Road and Warrenhouse Road to Sutton Dart Station via Binn Éadair View and Railway Avenue and also in the opposite directions since the matter was raised at this Committee in May 2015.”


These laneways were intended for local access to the DART Station. It would be inappropriate to sign the area as a pedestrian and cycle route for the general public through these residential areas.


Wednesday 6th May, 2015



Question: Councillor D. Healy

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide signs indicating the routes for pedestrians and cyclists from Dublin Road and Warrenhouse Road to Sutton Dart Station via Binn Éadair View and Railway Avenue and also in the opposite directions?”

Reply: The area will be inspected and appropriate signage erected.



Between Sutton Train Station and Lauder’s Lane there is a pedestrian route. Unfortunately it is badly surfaced and after rain is a string of puddles. Iarnród Éireann met with the the Area Committee in June 2015 and promised to address it. I’m still following up the lack of progress in this.

Howth Junction