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Object to Dublin Port’s application to dump dredge spoil in Dublin Bay

The deadline for objecting to the EPA against Dublin Port’s application to dump 10 million tonnes of dredge spoil just inside the Burford Bank is 30th August.

The proposal would cloud the water in the Bay throughout the 6 years dredging would continue for, and increase the siltation of Sutton Creek. My objection is here.

The easiest way to submit an objection is via the Uplift campaigning website.

You can also object by email to and view the full application on the EPA website.

More information on the campaign against the application is in the recent coverage in the Herald. Credit is due to FG rep Stephanie Regan for organising the public meeting reported on in the article and and to Clontarf Green rep Donna Cooney for her longstanding work including participating in the Bord Pleanála oral hearing into the port proposal.