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AIE request confirms that Iarnród Éireann hasn’t analysed the impact of a shuttle service from Howth Junction on local services

I have received a response from Iarnród Éireann to an Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) request. The request sought the following:

  • Any analyses of potential operational patterns involving a shuttle service between Howth Junction and Howth, requiring passengers to change at Howth Junction to access Bayside, Sutton and Howth.
  • Any analyses of the time delays or reduced capacity of the network at Howth Junction caused by the current arrangement where northbound trains to Howth cross the southbound track from Malahide.
  • Any analyses of the time savings or increased capacity of the network should one or more Howthbound trains be replaced by a shuttle service.
  • A copy of the terms of reference for “studies which will examine the doubling of track capacity between Dublin’s Connolly and Malahide train stations, where DART and intercity traffic currently share the same tracks”, for which funding was awarded on 22nd June.
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Appeal in relation to Deer Park Hotel

I have made a planning appeal in relation to the application to demolish and replace the Deer Park Hotel. I agree with the appropriateness of the existing hotel use and with the renovation of the hotel. The appeal focuses on three issues:

  • Sustainability assessment of demolition and reuse
  • Access and permeability by foot
  • Support for FIngal’s decision to refuse a large new access road
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Information on sewage overflows

I have been campaigning for some years for Irish Water and Fingal County Council, who are their agents, to make information on all sewage overflows publicly available as soon as they happen. I was particularly concerned when a number of years ago we were told by Irish Water that there had been no sewage discharge at a particular location only to find out some months later that there had.

I believe the ongoing failure to make this information easily and immediately available to the public is a breach of the obligation of active dissemination in the Aarhus Convention and the Access to Information on the Environment (AIE) Regulations.

I have made an AIE request for information about the sewer network and locations of discharges and overflows, as well as details of the overflows over recent years. Here’s the response:

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Submission to Dart+ North Consultation

My submission to Iarnród Éireann’s consultation on Dart+ North

It follows my previous observations.

Observations on Deer Park Hotel application additional information

I have made an observation on the additional information received for application F22A/0372, subsequent to my previous observation. The main points are:

  • The proposed new road should be refused.
  • There should be an analysis of the sustainability of the proposal comparing demolition, reuse etc, as required by the new Fingal Development Plan.
  • The application should provide for pedestrian links from the hotel to Howth and neighbouring residential areas.

Observation on Howth Castle planning appeal

I have submitted an observation on the appeal by Tetrarch against conditions imposed by Fingal County Council as follows:

  • I welcome the Council’s approval of the hospitality use of Howth Castle subject to architectural protection conditions.
  • I agree with the Council’s conditions removing the proposed new road access parallel to the existing avenue and reducing the area of car parking.
  • I disagree with the Council’s condition to widen a proposed footpath to a greenway and propose that Tetrarch’s own greenway proposal be added to the project instead.

Observation on Irish Water pumping stations to end Doldrum Bay sewage discharge

I have made an observation on Irish Water’s application to divert sewage currently running into the sea at Doldrum Bay in Howth into the system leading to the Ringsend sewage treatment plant. This application is late as is to comply with a condition of the EPA licence which should have been met 11 years ago. It is very welcome, but unfortunately Irish Water has failed to take on feedback about the impact on the local environment. The main issues raised in the observation are

  • impact on views protected in the Howth Special Amenity Area Order (SAAO) and fencing in breach of the requirements of the SAAO;
  • discharge of surface water should be to a soakaway not to the sea.

Planning observation on proposed infill behind the West Pier

Following the non-statutory consultation in 2021 (see my submission here), the Department of the Marine made a planning application (F21A/0368) for the dredging and infill. I didn’t hear about it until just before it was appealed to An Bord Pleanála (PL06F.314487). I have submitted an observation on the appeal.

Overall, I’m very concerned that the application really hasn’t thought through the amenity or biodiversity potential of an infill development, but will provide a road and some extra car parking neither of which is needed.

Road space reallocation in Howth / Malahide Area

The Operations Dept of the Council is continuing to work on the reallocation of road space and other measures to facilitate safe walking and cycling. We had an online meeting of the Area Cttee. last week and following input from constituents, I presented this list of options which is being considered. I would be grateful for any further feedback or suggestions.

The meeting received this update on the previous list of actions.

The other reports received by the meeting are also interesting – Covid 19 response and 2020 programme of works.