Response to Dart+ North public consultation

My response to the public consultation on the Dart + North project focusses on

  • the fact that the analysis doesn’t demonstrate how the proposal for a shuttle service between Howth and Howth Junction might be justified;
  • the fact that an increase in frequency to Howth would not compensate for longer and more inconvenient journeys especially for those with mobility challenges;
  • the design disaster of the illegally constructed Howth Junction station;
  • the need to redevelop Howth Junction as part of a densification of the adjoining employment areas so well served by public transport; and
  • the need to ensure coherence between the level crossing plan in this project and that in the Sutton to Malahide Cycle Route.

3 thoughts on “Response to Dart+ North public consultation

  1. Damian Furlong

    Hi David,

    I share many of the concerns that you outlined in your response to the proposed Dart+ North project. However I have 2 additional concerns.

    1. The proposed 10 minute frequency of the shuttle service at peak times would mean that level crossing gates would be closed for 42 minutes of every hour, based on current closure times. (6 x 2 shuttles per hour; average gate closure is approximately 3 minutes, 30 seconds). That would have a major impact on busses, emergency services, cyclists, pedestrians and car-users, especially at school opening times.

    2. I am very concerned at the huge capital costs, long timescale and disruption that electrification of such a long stretch of rail line would involve, and with the potential for cost over-runs and delays. Other sustainable options such as green hydrogen and bio-fuels potentially offer a faster, less risky and less expensive solution. Alstom, who are supplying the new DARTS, have provided hydrogen-powered trains to Germany Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, France and Italy. The Irish Government recently announced new policy for Ireland’s Commercial Ports to develop infrastructure to support Offshore Renewable Energy including green hydrogen. In summary, the Dart+ North plan should be reviewed afresh in light of recent developments and advances in sustainable fuels to ensure that it offers the most cost-effective and future-proof solution.

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