Monthly Archives: December 2020

Redesign of the junctions at each end of Station Road Portmarnock as part of a Strategic Housing Development

Compliance submissions in relation to condition 2 of Portmarnock South Phase 1c SHD/012/019

Three submissions have been received by the Council: 8th June 2020;14th October 2020;16th November 2020.

The designs are welcome improvements as regards pedestrian safety but both could be better. I have sent the following recommendations: [Edit October 2021: from our October Area cttee and a briefing in September I now understand that I failed to notice that the third of the 2020 submissions changed the plan, at the Council’s request, so as to provide an “interim design” for the Drumnigh Road junction without traffic lights. I pointed out at both meetings that this in breach of the planning condition.]

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