Redesign of the junctions at each end of Station Road Portmarnock as part of a Strategic Housing Development

Compliance submissions in relation to condition 2 of Portmarnock South Phase 1c SHD/012/019

Three submissions have been received by the Council: 8th June 2020;14th October 2020;16th November 2020.

The designs are welcome improvements as regards pedestrian safety but both could be better. I have sent the following recommendations: [Edit October 2021: from our October Area cttee and a briefing in September I now understand that I failed to notice that the third of the 2020 submissions changed the plan, at the Council’s request, so as to provide an “interim design” for the Drumnigh Road junction without traffic lights. I pointed out at both meetings that this in breach of the planning condition.]

A chairde,
I refer to the submissions made by the developer in relation to the above application and to our discussions at Area Committee about the junction of Station Road and Drumnigh Road.
Condition 2

The following requirements of the Planning Authority shall be strictly adhered to:

  •  a) The applicant shall provide a detailed design and costing for the upgrade of the two junctions – the R124/Station Road and Strand Road/Coast Road/Station Road, for the written approval of the Planning Authority. 
  • b) The upgrade of the two junctions shall be provided prior to the construction of the proposed development. 
  • c) Construction vehicles associated with the proposed development shall not access the site via the junction of the R124 and Station Road as the road width is insufficient for two HGVs to pass without mounting the footpath.

Reason: In the interests of proper planning of the area.

I would be grateful if you would take the following into account in considering the compliance submission:

1. Station Road/ Drumnigh Road junction
The provision of traffic lights at this junction is very welcome for reasons of pedestrian safety.
Also welcome is the proposal in the map of this junction supplied with the submission dated 8th June for “regular maintenance and cutting back overgrowth” on the south side of Station Road which will help with the problem of vehicles mounting the opposing footpath to pass each other. I note this is not referred to in the map sent on 16th November but I hope it is still proposed.
As there is no footpath on the eastern side of Drumnigh Road, the traffic calming measures proposed in the submission of 16th June should continue as far south as the entrance to Drumnigh Wood in order to make it safer for pedestrians trying to cross Drumnigh Road to access the footpath..  
While I’m writing in relation to this area, we still haven’t received the analysis for a pedestrian crossing warrant discussed at our last Area Committee meeting. There is a particular problem here that the widening of the road at Drumnigh Wood to facilitate a turning lane is being used by motorists to pass the school bus as it drops students who are then trying to cross the road to go home. A traffic island at this location, and/or the provision of a school warden may be appropriate responses and I would be grateful if you could consider these either in the context of this planning compliance or outside it, as appropriate.

2. Station Road/ Strand Road/Coast Road junction
The provision of lights which will enable safer pedestrian use of this junction is welcome. However, consistent with advice from DMURS  (see p.104 extract below), it shouldn’t include a slip lane.


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