Active travel in the new developments south of Portmarnock Station

I have made a submission on the latest application in the area covered by the South Portmarnock Local Area Plan, on two issues: walking and cycling across the existing farm bridge over the railway and connecting the Baldoyle-Portmarncok Greenway to Station Road.

Between Portmarnock Station and the Moyne Road, which passes under the railway, the railway is in a cutting, and there’s an old bridge at ground level across the railway, used for agricultural access. The planning permission granted for houses at Drumnigh Manor included provision for a pedestrian and cycle access as far as this bridge so that it could be used as a route to the east of the railway and to the railway station.

This latest application, which is online at, covers the land immediately east of the railway. It shows the bridge outside the area of the application but seems not to connect to it nor to refer to it in any way. I have asked for a condition that it be provided at the start of this new phase.

The overall plan for the South Portmarnock area includes a walking/cycling link from Station Road to the Baldoyle-Portmarnock Greenway behind the houses at the Station Road/ Strand Road roundabout. It’s also marked on one of the permissions already granted. Unfortunately, some of the online planning files are incomplete, so I’m not sure whether the fact that this hasn’t yet been provided is a breach of planning or not. In any event, I’ve asked for a condition that it be provided at the start of this new phase.

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