Observation on Broomfield SHD

My observation on the Strategic Housing Development planning application at Broomfield, Malahide is here. The main points are:

  • The application is for a very car-dominated and child-hostile environment. It would be much better to group the car parking near the Back Road and provide for a pedestrian-oriented estate layout, with motor vehicle access for deliveries only.
  • To minimise walking distances to the town of Malahide, public transport and local amenities, there should be a walking and cycling access from the north of the proposed housing area to Back Road.
  • The applicant should be required to reserve a route to facilitate the active travel access route between the Back Road and Malahide Community School proposed in the draft Fingal Development Plan following recommendations from a report by Sustrans.
  • The applicant here should be required to incorporate a school in their application or reserve and allocate a site for a primary school.

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