Road markings to improve conditions for walking and cycling on Stockhole Lane

The Council plans to resurface part of Stockhole lane south of the junction with Baskin Lane. I have made the following observation in response to the public consultation on the temporary closure:

If we are to achieve the necessary improvement in conditions for walking and cycling to achieve national and local goals for road safety and climate, we need to ensure that that all maintenance and repair work on roads avails of the opportunity to improve conditions for active travel.

In this instance, the road to be resurfaced lacks a footpath over most of the stretch to be resurfaced and is unpleasant for cycling. The M1 motorway and R139, R132 and R107 regional roads provide alternatives for all potential through trips. Therefore there is no reason for this road to be used by motor vehicles for anything other than local access to/from Stockhole and Baskin Lanes. 

In these circumstances, the road layout should reflect this purpose and be designed to prioritise active travel access. These examples from the Netherlands and France show the road markings appropriate in these circumstances.

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