Notes from Special Amenity Area Order Management Committee

The Special Amenity Area Order Management Committee met on 5th July. The following are my incomplete notes from the meeting.
Notes from SAAO meeting 5th July 2006

Poor organisation of the meeting
1.    notice to new members?
2.    minute-taker
3.    dates to members of future meetings
4.    confirm agenda with cathaoirleach
5.    notify library of meetings

I will be raising the above matters with the Corporate Services and Planning Departments of the Council.  I will also be seeking to have the minutes of the Committee put on the Council’s website.

The landowner has indicated that he will clear Shielmartin path if Fingal ask him.  The meeting agreed to check with insurance in council and write if they agree.

The question of insurance came up again and will be adressed in detail at the next SAAO Management Committee meeting.  It was agreed to ask the insurance official from the Council to attend next SAAO meeting and address following questions:

Questions to be addressed re insurance
1.    What is the legal basis for liability, if any, arising from us putting up signs showing existing rights of way?
2.    What is the legal basis for liability, if any, if the Council maintains rights of way?
3.    What is the legal basis for liability, if any, if the Council ask landowners to maintain rights of way?
4.    What are the issues relating to disclaimers and warnings?
5.    What is the Council’s claims record in relation to rights of way in Howth and rights of way generally?
6.    What would the insurance cover cost from a commercial company?  
7.    Can we allocate some money from parking fees etc. to cover the insurance cost whether internally or externally?

Maintenance of rights of way to be discussed at next meeting, to include
1.    Set up maintenance fund?
2.    Volunteers doing maintenance?

Report in relation to St. Fintan’s Well
National Monuments met with Conservation officer, NM not concerned about well drying up.  Transport and water services met in relation to these issues.  James Walls didn’t find any answer.  Gerry Clabby to talk to hydrologist.

Middle Mountain
ABP purporting to move right of way – i.e. extinguish existing and create new:
a)    Extinguishment is a reserved function of the Council
b)    designated right of way in the SAAO – can only be varied by the Minister.

Designation of rights of way in development plan
Proposal to use Howth as first and pilot area for showing rights of way in the development plan, implementing GB02.  Agreed to recommend to Corporate Policy Group.

The Biodiversity Officer and a sub-committee will look at signage issues and draw up proposals for a scheme of signage of the rights-of-way.

Enforcement Issues
Right of way beside Sutton Castle
Entrance to Corr Castle – gate should be open

Strand Road car park
Recommended against it

Planning applications
Query – terms of reference of SAAO committee in looking at implementation of SAAO Order in relation to planning applications etc.