Comments on road proposal in Dublin 15

I have commented on a road proposal in Dublin 15 because of the proposed use of multiple roundabouts which severely impact on the safety of pedestrians, (especially the mobility impaired and visually impaired) cyclists and motorcyclists.

Councillor David Healy
Green Party/Comhaontas Glas
Howth ward / Dublin North East
01 8324087
54, Páirc Éabhóra, Beann Éadair
54, Evora Park, Howth

20th July 2006

Mr James V Cleary, BE CEng MIEI,
Senior Engineer,
Transportation Dept.,
Fingal County Council,
Grove Road,
Dublin 15

By email:

Re: Tyrrelstown to N2 Link Road

James, a chara,

Unfortunately, only a poor copy of a leaflet is on the Council’s website and I have not had an opportunity to visit Swords or Blanchardstown to look at whatever is on display there.

My concerns in relation to the proposed road design as shown have to do with the provision of roundabout junctions.  This road serves a residential area and  ST1 zoned employment areas.  Roundabouts provide a significant hazard to pedestrians and act a major barriers to pedestrian movement. This is already widely visible in Dublin 15.  The lack of any control of traffic at roundabouts leaves pedestrians trying to guess where traffic circulating on a roundabout is going and running across between what they hope are gaps in the traffic.  Crossing the side of the carriageway coming onto the roundabout the pedestrians have to cope with traffic which will be either decelerating or accelerating and will often have to weave between stationary cars and trucks. Where there are two lanes of traffic coming onto the roundabout this is particularly dangerous as the drivers are looking at traffic on the roundabout and not at pedestrians approaching from the sides.

This impact is particularly severe for mobility impaired pedestrians, those with buggies and small children etc.  Access for visually impaired pedestrians is pretty much completely blocked.

Roundabouts also pose significant risks to cyclists.  This is widely recognised and documented.  The difficulties arise from the varied speeds between cyclists and motor vehicles using the roundabout.  One response to this is often to provide for cyclists to cross the roundabout effectively as pedestrians. This leads to the same conflicts as pedestrians experience and considerable delays to cyclists in getting through the junction.  Additionally, cyclists often do not use this facility and remain on the carriageway.

Roundabouts also cause increased accident risk for motorcyclists.  They cannot legally use any off-carriageway cycle facility which may be provided.

In addition, roundabouts require a substantially increased land take and have a major negative impact on the urban design potential of the area.

Junctions controlled by traffic lights would be better in every respect.

In carrying out consultation in relation to this road scheme direct contact should be made with organisations representing the visually impaired, mobility impaired, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

I attach two information sheets from the Galway Cycling Campaign which are highly relevant.

Is mise, le meas,

Cllr. David Healy

Information sheets from and