Dublin Airport expansion is bad news for climate change

Press release issued today.
Dublin Airport expansion is bad news for climate change – Healy

Green Party General Election candidate for Dublin North East Cllr David Healy reacted to the plans unveiled for a new €395m terminal at Dublin airport, saying:

"The planned doubling of traffic through Dublin Airport is inconsistent with Ireland’s international commitment to prevent climate change and with the reality of rising oil prices. This massive investment – within one or two decades – is in danger of becoming a stranded asset.

"Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and if there are twice as many flights coming in and out of Dublin in three or four years time, then the impact of reducing emissions in other sectors will be vastly reduced in terms of our overall Kyoto commitments. The expansion would also create significant additional noise pollution from more flights coming into the city.

"Airlines have for too long dodged the polluter pays principle and should be brought into a carbon emissions trading scheme as well as subjected to levies – that currently apply to other forms of transport – on the vast amounts of kerosene fuel that they consume."

The Fingal County Councillor concluded:

"Even if the Government chooses to deny the looming problems of climate change and oil prices, it would make far more sense to provide a quality rail access to Shannon airport where there is existing spare capacity. This link would make access to air travel quicker and easier for passengers from Galway, Cork and surrounding areas. They could thus avoid the inevitable and inefficient drive to Dublin Airport. Investing in rail is a much better bet than investing in aviation."