Notes from SAAO meeting 21mf06

Just informal notes taken at the SAAO Management Cttee of 21st October

Insurance discussion

Council is self-insured.   Council maintains certain walkways – lower cliff path, upper cliff path, old tramway
Cowbooter lane – may be maintained by Roads.

Liability re signs for right of way – if signs are put up directing people to a pathway then whoever put up the signs would be at risk of liability.

Liability re maintenance –

Paths would not be maintained as a road authority, therefore liability is greater.  If the council doesn’t maintain on a road it has no liability, but it is liable on open space.  Occupiers’ Liability Act – obligation is not to recklessly endanger.  

Council incurs no liability if it asks a landowner to maintain a right of way.  

Worst areas – path across 3 fairways at golf course, then paths on Muck Rock.  

Gerry – particular problem with Parks Division, difficulties with direct maintenance of particular paths.

Disclaimers have the effect under occupiers’ liability act – obligation is not to recklessly endanger.  Putting them up on areas not maintaining

Record of claims in Howth, only aware of one claim, trip on pathways, in just after SAAO order, claim against Council was dropped.  No successful claims against the Council.  

Cost of insurance – this would require a survey of the paths.  Could be very high if there isn’t maintenance

Mick – voluntary groups willing to do maintenance.  Main question is figuring out system of maintenance of paths.

Anita – SEMPA visit to Mournes, they use volunteers, were trying to get lottery money.

Gerry – Questions re volunteers – CVI working in Turvey Woods – if Council is relying on volunteers, Council would then have to ensure work is of a standard, and there would have to be insurance for workplace accidents.   Insurance/liability would not be a problem as long as they are under direction etc.  

Bob – Question what standard of Maintenance – me to Gerry – same as existing cliff path?  Yes – cutting back in autumn and path work as required.

Work in relation to Conservation Volunteers of Fingal started by Hans Visser, volunteer groups already active in some areas.

Parks to come up for costs for initial works and estimates for maintenance on list of paths identified by Hans, David Caulfield etc.
Looking at various options direct, contracted and volunteer labour.
Should be able to do within 4 to 6 weeks.

Any exposure to members of the committee regarding decisions it might make.  Covered by Council policy.

Anita – levies were supposed to pay for some of this.

Mick – trust could be set up asking for donations etc.

Volunteers inspecting routes as daily walkers.