Howth Promenade Upgrade Approved

The amendments proposed by the Howth Promenade Renewal Group including representatives of Howth Sutton Community Council and Howth Tidy Towns and myself were all agreed at the County Council meeting today.  The proposal is now a major improvement on the original plan (which was already a good plan) and we can look forward to a fine promenade.
For the background on this see the previous report on this site:

Amendments to Howth Promenade scheme, agreed at the Council meeting of 13th December

A.    Put priority 2 (benches, bins and lights) as priority 1  (path resurfacing)and vice-versa.

B.    Put priority 4 (new paths) as priority 3 (landscaping) and vice-versa.

C.    Delete existing priorities 5 (removal of post and rail along Harbour Road) and 6 (resurfacing of old sea wall)

D.    Add a new priority 5: Landscaping of the areas east of the Car Park

E.    The seating must take account of the use of grassed area for pipe
bands, children’s play etc. and the resulting demand for seating facing
both directions.

F.    Bins to be sited near but not right beside benches

G.    That the Howth Promenade Renewal Group and the Department of the
Marine/Harbourmaster be involved in the selection of street furniture
and lighting.

H.    The material for the resurfacing of the promenade to be a
smooth-surfaced pebble/shell aggregate similar to that on Dún Laoghaire
East Pier

I.    The resurfaced promenade to be edged with stones, cobbles, setts, or similar, not timber.

J.    The resurfaced promenade to be level with the adjacent grass

K.    The Manager to consider the inclusion of LED lights set into the resurfaced promenade.

L.    The new paths to include

a.    a path leading from Harbour Road to the gap in the old sea wall giving access to the playground

M.    The tree species to be altered to be more varied including such
as Cordyline, Hornbeam, Tamarisk, Buddleia, Sea Buckthorn, etc.  

N.    A sculpture competition for Howth Promenade be held during 2007,
noting this will probably have to be outside the scope of the Village
Improvement Scheme.

O.    The continuation of the Promenade across the entrance to the West
Pier leading to the access to Claremont Beach to be included in the
traffic management scheme for Howth currently being prepared.