Fingal moves towards green purchasing policy

Fingal County Council is developing a green procurement policy. This policy, which arises from a Green Party motion, will include a full range of environmental and social considerations. The Environment Strategic Policy Committee recently approved the draft policy for circulation within the Council.   Some more information and the draft policy are below.

Cllr. David Healy, who chairs the Committee and is a General Election
candidate for Dublin North East, pointed out that the issue of green
procurement enjoyed cross-party support within the Council and had also
been enthusiastically welcomed by Council officials. He is optimistic
that the policy will be formally adopted by the monthly Council meeting
in April.

The draft policy covers a wide range of issues including greenhouse gas
emissions, worker’s rights, animal welfare, recycling, sustainable
timber procurement, packaging, toxic materials, energy efficiency,
vehicles, organic food, etc. When the policy is finally adopted, the
Council will include these conditions in its purchasing and contracting

Cllr Healy said: "Public authority spending constitutes about 15 per
cent of GDP in the EU. This means their purchasing decisions can often
determine the way relevant markets operate. By including green
considerations in its purchasing policies, Fingal County Council will
stimulate demand for cleaner greener production. It will also be
providing a better service to citizens and often strengthening the
local economy."

The Council has, following another Green motion, joined ICLEI, the
International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives. ICLEI, in
cooperation with the European Commission, has been assisting local
authorities throughout Europe in developing and implementing green
procurement policies. Fingal County Council officials have benefited
from ICLEI’s advice in drafting the policy.

The draft policy is here.