Baldoyle Community Strategy

{mosimage}On 7th March, I formally accepted a copy of the Baldoyle Community Strategy from the Baldoyle Needs Analysis Steering Committee.

The study is comprehensive, coming from a door-to-door filling out of a very detailed questionnaire by the Committee and Philip Land their researcher.  The two main elements I would draw from it are firstly the need for better information flow in the community and secondly the need for better community facilities.  In a number of instances, existing facilities do exist but need to be improved and made available. 

This matches with the results from a similar study done in Howth last year.

The full report is here (hosted by Brian Greene) and Brian’s own comments are here.

Sorry for the delay in posting this; election organising meant it slipped my mind until the likelihood of the facilities in the Pastoral Centre being lost (see next article) reminded me