Letter to Glenkerrin Homes re Techcrete proposal

Following the presentation from Fingal planners, Glenkerring Homes who own the Techcrete and Teelings sections of the overall site asked to meet the local councillors.  They presented their scheme and we made comments. I attach a follow-up email I sent to them.
Stephen, a chara,

Thanks for the meeting and the opportunity to discuss matters relating to your proposed development

You know of my opposition to aspects such as the proposed heights and the location of the community centre but my view that you have a good design in relation to some of the other aspects such as views and architectural type so I won’t rehearse those comments.

Just two additional elements to those already discussed.

1. The Community Needs Analysis carried out a few years ago in Howth forms the basis for the work Fingal County Council and Howth Sutton Community Council are doing in relation to providing community facilities on the peninsula.  In asking people what facilities they wanted, the first priority was a swimming pool.  Your design incorporates what I assume to be a medium-sized private pool, accessible probably only by annual subscription or similar.  While the design or facilities to be provided in the suggested community facility has not been determined, it would hardly make sense to have 2 swimming pools on the same site.  As the pool was the strongest request from the community, it would make a lot of sense to see if their wishes could be facilitated on the site in a single pool which would be open to the public.

2. Recently the Council went on a study visit to Malmo and among the interesting items there was a very successful approach to surface water management involving open streams for the rainwater collection and transport through the site. I would recommend that you investigate such an approach here also.