Council business submitted 18th August 2005

I have listed the following motions and questions for the
Council and the Howth/Malahide Area Committee.  I will report on
each item on this site after the meetings.  In the links section
of this website is a link to the County Council website where you can
find the full agenda of all upcoming council meetings. 

That the Manager arrange for the temporary construction area for the
sewage pipeline to Ringsend which part of the foreshore at Sutton Creek
was infilled to be removed and the foreshore restored to its previous
condition as planned.

That the Manager produce a report
containing a draft of the intended process for drawing up a possible
traffic and parking management scheme for Howth.

That the
Manager report on the current status of proposed new or altered roads
in the Baldoyle/Portmarnock area, with a map to show routes under
consideration, proposed designs in planning permissions etc., and in
particular options for for the pedestrian and cyclist routes along the

That the Manager report on progress in increasing the
number of bottle-banks in the area, including an explanation of how
bottle banks come to be removed and whether he considers Councillors
should have any role in this.

ask the Manager to erect signs on the slipway on Strand Roadin Baldoyle
informing the public that the use of jet-skis in the area and the use
of the slipway to launch jet-skis is banned.

To ask the Manager to report on progress in relation to enforcement at Barnmore Ltd in Baldoyle Industrial Estate

ask the Manager whether the promenade along Strand Road in Baldoyle has
been handed over and if so what is the cleaning schedule for it

ask the Manager if the Transportation Department will meet with
residents of Strand Roadin Baldoyle to discuss their concerns.

That the Manager bring forward plans for a consulation process 
with the local community and with community and sporting organisations
in order to prepare for the drawing up of plans for the provision of
the Millennium Park in Baldoyle.

That the Manager report on the
fires in cut vegetation left in Seagrange Park, how many times the fire
brigade was called out to extinguish such fires during August and the
dates of these calls, and what plans are in place to prevent a
re-occurence of these fires.

That the Manager report on the
boundary between Admiral Park and Castlerosse, including the planning
conditions applicable to the developments, the Parks Department’s
actions over the summer, the Parks Department’s intentions in the
future and why Councillors and the public are not even being informed,
not to mind consulted in relation to the Parks Department’s actions.

ask the Manager what the current situation is in relation to the
proposed all-weather pitch and community facilities in Baldoyle.