Energy Issues on Fingal Development Board

As Chair of the Environment Strategic Policy Committee on Fingal County
Council, I am a member of Fingal Development Board ( 
At the moment the Development Board is reviewing the County Development
Strategy which it agreed in 2002. 

I have been emphasising the need to adress greenhouse gas emissions and rising fuel prices at the Development Board
At the moment the two actions, which need further development look like this

Energy and Climate Theme: Ensure investments made now do not commit us to ongoing high-energy demand.

•    Invest in land use and layout, which minimises transport demand.
•    Invest in low energy transport not high-energy transport.
•    Invest in energy efficient housing, buildings and production systems.
•    Invest in renewable energy and infrastructure not fossil fuel infrastructure.

Energy and Climate Theme : Prepare for economic and social
changes  which will result from higher energy prices (and likely
resulting recession).

•    Reduced transport (differentiated)
•    Localised economy.
•    Localised food production
•    Particular vulnerabilities of some sections of society and essential sectors of economy.

•    Prepare for sections of economy disappearing, shrinking.

Both need more working out into details.  The first however is
generally agreed.  The second seems to worry some of the members
and will have to be reworked.  Any suggestions or comments would
be welcome.