New/altered roads and paths between Baldoyle and Portmarnock

Over the last few months, I have submitted motions to the area
committee looking for an overview of the new roads in the
Baldoyle/Portmarnock area.  What is clear is that there is no coherent
overall plan, although there are proposals in people’s heads.  (I have
made notes of a meeting I had with officials from Planning and
Transport – very much my own point of view rather than minutes of the
meeting.)  There are some serious issues here and my priority is
improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. Notes in relation to road network in Baldoyle/Portmarnock Area,
partly from meeting of 23rd November 2005  (Cllr. David Healy, Bob
Biddlecombe and Pauline Riordan, Planning, John McCarthy, Deirdre
Sinclair and Peter Caulfield, Transport)

1)    relevant documents
a)    Plans
i)    County Development Plan
ii)    Baldoyle action area plan
iii)    masterplan
iv)    draft Local Area Plan for Portmarnock end (being redrafted)

b)    Permissions
i)    phase 1 F02A/0921
ii)    phase 2 F03A/1162
iii)    grange rd F02A/1525
iv)    grange rd 2 F03A/1529
v)    Forth-coming phase 3 application being discussed with planning

c)    Other relevant documents

i)    Dublin North Fringe Transportation Framework Study” October 2000
ii)    “Extension to Dublin North Fringe Transportation Framework Study” October 2003, Atkins
iii)    Dublin North Fringe Transportation Study, 2005, SIAS Ltd.

I have had difficulty getting copies of these last 3 documents.

2)    Issues discussed
a)    Design of roads in development with particular regard to cyclists and pedestrians
b)    Junction of Coast road and road through park to Stapolin
c)    Coastal footpath/cycle path
d)    Moyne Road
e)    pedestrian/cyclist route along east of railway
f)    compliance submissions relating to new station.

3)    Two further issues arising subsequent to the meeting
a)    30km/hr speed limit for entire new area
b)    Parking control in new area

Design of roads in development with particular regard to cyclists and pedestrians

Concerns in relation to segregated route shown from Grange Rd. into
development, need for clarity as to priorities and detailed design in
permitted development, consideration of sightlines and desirability of

John emphasised that he would rather see no special provision than bad
provision.  Planning is waiting for Transport’s input to
compliance submissions.

Junction of Coast Road and new road through park to Stapolin

This is already built although no compliance submission was approved,
which seems to be a breach of F03A/1529   Question of
usability of design for pedestrians and also intention of design for
cyclists. To be looked at by Transport initially and Planning.

Moyne Road

No fixed plans for this but various things under consideration. 
Potentially very expensive to alter railway bridge.  Attracting
traffic to use the coastal route is not desired.  Transport to
come back with further info.

My thoughts subsequent to the meeting:  The road needs to be made
safer for pedestrians in particular and also cyclists.  One
possible solution for the stretch which will not be seeing any frontage
development itself, i.e. Coast Road to Hole in the Wall Road might be
an off-road cycletrack beside a footpath, with little or no significant
change to the existing carriageway.  This would also need to be
examined at the bridge.

 Coastal footpath/cycle path

This was discussed with Parks Department at November Malahide/Howth
Area Cttee. and is to come up again at the December meeting. Issues

•    Biodiversity considerations.
•    Movement of carriageway inland to allow coastal walkway/cycleway
•    Costs
•    Availability of development levies

Peter to identify constraints and costs re coastal cycle track.

Pedestrian/cyclist route along east of railway

Bob identified a route along the railway from Portmarnock station to
the new station to Grange Road, meeting the existing right of way from
Grange Rd. to Howth Junction as potentially of great use to pedestrians
and cyclists.  To be considered for inclusion in Portmarnock LAP,
park plans and future planning applications.  (Note – although I
didn’t mention it at the time, this could involve stairs to give access
to Grange Rd, possibly as well as a ramp going eastwards.  Also
whether there is room under the bridge to continue the route at grade
should be investigated.)

Compliance submissions relating to new station.

It was noted that it is intended to redesign aspects of the new station
by way of compliance submission and emphasised that the interests of
pedestrians and cyclists must be looked out for when any such proposals
come in.

(2 new issues follow.)

30km/hr speed limit for entire new area

This would seem to be appropriate in a high-density residential area
designed to be a walkable community.  It would also facilitate
more walkable design standards being applied at this stage.  I
would suggest this should be progressed straight away.

Parking control in new area

Given the provision of off-street car parking for all residents and the
presence of a major potential trip attractor, i.e. the new train
station, it would seem wise to control on-street parking from the
start. I would be interested in Transport’s views on this.