Dangerous parking of buses at Howth Station

Although there is a marked bus bay in front of Howth station, which the 31B used to use, this is now being used for car parking and the 31C which waits at this terminus for at least 10 minutes every hour during the middle of the day waits on the road where it blocks visibility of the pedestrian traffic lights and pedestrians trying to cross.  I am raising this safety issue with Dublin Bus, the Gardai and Fingal’s Transport Department.
Dear Peter,

I refer to the issue of buses blocking the traffic lights at Howth Dart
Station.  This was discussed at our Area Cttee. meeting on 7th April
2005.  The extract from the minutes is as follows:

It was proposed by Councillor D Healy and seconded by Councillor K. Maher:
"That the Manager report on whether or not it is considered safe to
have bus stops immediately beside traffic lights and pedestrian
crossings as in Howth Village and at Howth Train Station."
The following report by the Manager was READ:-
"It is considered good practice to situate bus stops upstream of
pedestrian crossings – this accommodates bus passengers alighting from
the bus who wish to cross the road at the rear of the bus and ensures
that stopped buses don’t obscure visibility."
Following discussion, the Report was NOTED.

Since that time, Dublin Bus has changed the terminus of the 31B and
introduced a new service with a terminus at Howth Station, the 31C. 
However, while the 31B used to wait in the Station carpark, where there
is a marked bus bay,  I have become aware that the 31C for some reason
has decided to wait on the road blocking the view of the traffic lights
and of pedestrians crossing the road.

I would be grateful if you could address this as a matter of urgency. 
I am also bringing it directly to the attention of Gareth Quinn of
Clontarf Garage in Dublin Bus.

Thank you,

David Healy

Cllr. David Healy
Green Party/Comhaontas Glas
54, Páirc Éabhóra, Beann Éadair, B.Á.C. 13
01 8324087
087 6178852