Tetrarch proposals for Howth Demesne

Tetrarch is the property investment company which bought Howth Castle, Deer Park Hotel and the golf courses and woodlands.

Its submission to a process of Variation of the County Development Plan, seeking rezoning is here. It was rejected by Council planners and Executive (see page 61 of Chief Executive’s Report on the Variation) and by Councillors who approved the variation with no change to zoning in Howth at our June meeting.

Tetrarch has produced a ‘Masterplan’ for their lands which has generated a lot of concern locally: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I am opposed to those elements of their plans which involve the rezoning of amenity land.

2 thoughts on “Tetrarch proposals for Howth Demesne

  1. Richard Downes

    David, Could you point me to the SHD in Howth castle that is the subject of the current planning application. This sneaky process is unsearchable on the internet. Virtually all of the SHD have turned off their Google search ability.


    1. david Post author

      Hi Richard,
      Apologies for the delay in replying. (The comments were overloaded with spam but that seems to have been resolved now.)
      It may be too late for your purposes now but the SHD (which was granted with the removal of one storey, and is now the subject of a legal challenge) is at https://kenelmshdhowth.ie/


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