Climate Change isn’t just a Threat

Here’s a thought-provoking article.  Extract:

"Climate change isn’t just a threat. It’s an opportunity for us to live
happier, more fulfilling lives. The fossil fuel age changed every
detail of western human life – where we lived, how we travelled (and
how much), what we ate, how our economies worked. But there were two
changes in particular that it wrought – huge changes. Changes so huge
they redefine the meaning of huge. One is physical – the sudden onset
of a rapid warming that will change the very geography of the planet in
almost unbelievable fashion over the next century. We live on a
different earth already, and it is going to get worse fast. Way worse.
The other is psychological – cheap fossil fuel tipped the balance in
the modern mind between self as individual and self as member of
community. It made us different people. Worse people. And so here’s the
good news – fighting either problem means fighting them both. We’ve
been backed into a corner, and the only way out is the right way…"

Link below.

Full Article by Bill McKibben in The Ecologist