Objection to proposed development on Edros site

I have objected to the planning application for apartments on the Edros site in Howth.

                  54, Páirc Éabhóra,
                  Beann Éadair,
                  Co. Bh. Á.C.

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                                26th November 2007

A chairde,

I wish to object to the above development on the following grounds:

·    Breach of County Development Plan.
The proposal would be in breach of a number of provisions of the County Development Plan in particular the amenity zoning of the site, under which residential development as applied for is not permitted.  

The site was first developed for community amenity use.  It is likely that in the absence of this use, the sand deposits in the area would not have been developed for any other use.

·    Loss of amenity-zoned land in a central position in Howth
The development would involve the loss of the only substantial amenity-zoned site in Howth which has served and has the potential again to serve as the location of a major amenity facility for the community.  The fact that it is amenity-zoned is critical as to its potential viability as a location for an amenity facility.  This is because the land costs for residentially zoned land are so high as to make amenity use of them impossible.

There have been suggestions that the developer would give money towards the development of amenity facilities elsewhere in Howth.  However, in the absence of concrete plans for such facilities (e.g. planning permission plus capital funding arrangements, money itself carries no guarantee of results.  This is demonstrated by the fact that the surplus obtained by Howth Sutton Community Centre Ltd. (which sold the Edro site to pay its debts) is still in the bank  approximately 8 years later.

·    Visual impact
The development would have a major visual impact on historical and amenity routes and locations in Howth including views from Abbey St., St. Mary’s Abbey, Tower Hill, Balscadden Road, Ted Hayden’s field, East Pier etc.

I enclose €20.

Is mise, le meas,

David Healy
Green Party/Comhaontas Glas Councillor for Howth Ward