PRESS RELEASE: Greens criticise proposed introduction of flat waste charge in Fingal.

Green Party Councillor David Healy has criticised the planned introduction of a flat waste charge in Fingal County Council.
At the moment waste charges are based on a tag system whereby residents must buy a bin tag every time they put their black bin out.  Green bin collection is free.  The Fingal Manager is now proposing to add a flat charge to the existing charge which is levied each time a bin is collected.

Since legislation in 2003 took the Council’s power in relation  to waste and gave it to the Manager, Councillors have no direct power in relation to waste charges.

Cllr. Healy criticised the proposed charge: "This new flat charge is contrary to the polluter pays principle.  The Greens supported the bin tags when they were introduced and continue to support charging for waste on the basis of volume.

"This form of charging is in keeping with the polluter pays principle and provides an ongoing incentive to recycling and waste reduction.  As the Council’s website states "You only pay for what you throw away". (

"One of the results of our success in recycling and in discouraging waste production has been that many households now put out their black bin as little as once every 3 or 4 weeks.  Despite this, the Council is continuing with a weekly collection frequency at great cost.  We should be reducing costs by switching to a fortnightly black bin collection."

Cllr. Healy will be proposing a motion to the December meeting of the Council as follows:

That all domestic waste charges in Fingal for the black bin be levied per lift of a waste bin or on volume or weight of waste disposed of, and not levied on a flat charge or standing charge basis.

Further info: Cllr. David Healy (Howth ward) 087 6178852