Objection to planning application beside Evora Terrace, Dunbo Hill, Evora Park

I have objected to a planning application beside Evora Terrace, Dunbo Hill and Evora Park which seeks to use Evora Terrace as a construction access and would thereby put the stability of the houses there at risk.

                                    Cllr David Healy
                                    Green Party/Comhaontas Glas
                                    Howth ward  / Ceantar Bhinn Éadair
                                    54, Páirc Éabhóra,
                                    Beann Éadair,
                                    Co. Bh.Á.C.

                                    087 6178852

Planning Department,
Fingal County Council,
Main St.,
Co. Dublin
By hand.

Re: F08A/0673

A Chairde,
I would like to object to the above proposal on the following grounds.

   1. The proposed access is unsuitable for access by construction traffic both due to its narrowness and the proximity of the houses on Evora Terrace and due to its construction. In particular, the use of the road for construction traffic would lead to a real risk of ground failure and consequent landslide and collapse of adjacent buildings.
   2. It appears that the proposed layout would involve changes in ground level adjacent to boundary walls to the site which would lead to a risk of collapse of those walls.
   3. The proposed layout involves excessive proximity to the rear of various adjacent houses, with consequent negative impacts on residential amenity
   4. The proposed layout and design of the proposed houses would lead to visual intrusion not in keeping with the designated Architectural Conservation Area for which a Statement of Character has recently been published.
   5. The application does not contain the necessary information for a full assessment, in particular all relevant cross sections and other information necessary to establish the relationship between the proposed houses and adjacent houses and gardens.


Is mise, le meas,

David Healy