Traffic calming proposals at Holywell, Kettles Lane, Seabury and Carrickhill Road

I have made the following submission in relation to traffic calming proposals:

The road through Holywell / R125 needs more than the proposed traffic calming. Adding speed cushions to the R125 is not sufficient to deal with the dangerous situation which has been created here. The high speeds, high AADT and multiple lanes create a highly unpleasant and dangerous environment.The situation is terrible for pedestrians trying to cross who are required to walk along a narrow island with two lanes of traffic on each side. Passengers using westbound bus have to walk along a narrow footpath, with overgrown vegetation on one side and no buffer between them and motor vehicles which have come off the motorway at close to motorway speeds.

As we have already discussed at the Area Committee, the design failure of the roads in this area needs to be addressed in a coherent manner. In the meantime these ramps should go in, but development of the other necessary changes needs to go ahead without delay. Vehicle speeds before and after these ramps go in should be measured.

I have seen the submission from the Dublin Cycling Campaign and agree with their comments about the incoherent cycle facility design at this location.

I also agree with their recommendations in relation to the other locations to reduce corner radii and provide entrance platforms to slow turning traffic and prioritise pedestrians.