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Response to Dart+ North public consultation

My response to the public consultation on the Dart + North project focusses on

  • the fact that the analysis doesn’t demonstrate how the proposal for a shuttle service between Howth and Howth Junction might be justified;
  • the fact that an increase in frequency to Howth would not compensate for longer and more inconvenient journeys especially for those with mobility challenges;
  • the design disaster of the illegally constructed Howth Junction station;
  • the need to redevelop Howth Junction as part of a densification of the adjoining employment areas so well served by public transport; and
  • the need to ensure coherence between the level crossing plan in this project and that in the Sutton to Malahide Cycle Route.

Aircraft Noise Consultation Response

My response to Fingal County Council’s public consultation on aircraft noise is here. In it, I point out that

  • there should be a general ban on night-time flights given the known health impacts of sleep disturbance by aircraft noise;
  • the noise reduction objective needs to be based on analysis not just picked from an EU-wide strategy;
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) requires that alternatives such as a general night-time ban be considered;
  • SEA also requires that the climate impact of the proposal and alternatives be considered, especially as night time aviation is generally much worse for the climate than daytime;
  • Fingal County Council, including when it acts as an Aircraft Noise Competent Authority, is required by Irish law to pursue climate objectives.

Motions to amend Chief Executive’s draft of County Development Plan

The consultation draft of the Fingal Development Plan was agreed by Councillors this evening. The first draft was produced by the Chief Executive following initial input from the elected Council. Over the last few weeks, we considered a series of 917 motions to agree the draft for public display. The following are the motions submitted by the Green Councillors.

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Observation on Racecourse Park planning application

My comments are here. I strongly support the application, but I have asked An Bord Pleanála to make some important changes, including

  • reducing the very large area of car parking planned (2x the size of the Racecourse shops car park plus an extra “overflow” car park);
  • providing low level lighting like that on the existing greenway instead of 6m high lights;
  • ensuring that the bridges don’t become dangerously icy like the existing greenway bridge;
  • putting resources into planting rather than corten steel objects.