Kinsealy Greenways Feasibility Study published

The report on the Kinsealy Greenways Feasibility Study for which funding was obtained in 2017 following discussion in the County Development Plan process in 2016 has been published. It will be discussed at the Area Committee in March.

Overall, the report demonstrates the feasibility and value of providing dedicated greenway cycle routes between the towns and villages in the area.

There are a few aspects of it which I’m not clear about, and I’ll post updates when I receive them.

Kinsealy Environs – Final Report – Nov 2018

Appendix A -Development Zones

Appendix B – Existing Planning Applications-13.03.2018

Appendix C – Ecological Constraints Map

Appendix D – Tree Survey and Report

Appendix E – Architectural Heritage Map

Appendix F – Archaeological Study and Report – Cultural heritage constraints study

Appendix G – Existing Built and Natural Environment-Map

Appendix H – Existing Utilities

Appendix I – Link Types cross-sections

4 thoughts on “Kinsealy Greenways Feasibility Study published

  1. John

    Hi David, these reports are great to read, however, having recently moved to the area/Streamstown Lane the lack of cycling infrastructure/non-existent is really disheartening…reports are great but when will we start to see progress?

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  3. david Post author

    Hi John,
    Yes, we have an awfully long way to go and we’re only just starting. Basically the money has to be allocated and for the first time the Capital Programme now contains significant expenditure plans for cycling infastructure. The investment needed to provide the infrastructure is in the context of overall transport expenditure very small, but it’s far more than local authorities are used to spending on active travel modes. Over the summer the greenway link between Portmarnock and Baldoyle will be built; I think it will mirror the popularity of the Clontarf to Sutton route and that should help.

    These routes to Kinsealy should be part of the Local Area Plan which I just made a submission to the draft of today ( The development process will cover the costs within the zoned area, but won’t contribute enough for the full links out to Portmarnock, Holywell etc.

    The National Transport Authority funded the feasibility study but we don’t yet know their view on what the study has come up with.

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