Design of new road in Balgriffin/ Belcamp

Design of new road in Balgriffin/ Belcamp

The local Area Committee has agreed to my proposal to alter the brief
for the realignment of the Malahide Road to place greater emphasis on
protecting the environment and on walking and public transport.

Large new areas of housing are being developed in the
Balgriffin/Belcamp area.  There are new roads proposed for the
area as well.  There is a real risk that the woodlands and habitat
along the Moyne river will be destroyed and that the quality of life of
local residents will be destroyed.  I recently became aware
of  the brief for the engagement of a consulting engineer for
realigning the Malahide Road in Balgriffin.


The brief says: “The proposed roads shall be capable of dealing with
the forecast level of traffic, provide for public transport, taking
into account urban design issues and environmental impacts.”  This
appears to be the core design brief, and is one which I think is
flawed.   I think this because there is no way that the roads
can deal with the forecast level of traffic.  The only rational
response is to ensure that the inevitable traffic congestion does not
interfere with the walkability and quality of the community and with
public transport.   In response, I put down the following
motion for our Area Committee meeting on 3rd November:

"That all design briefs for new roads in the Balgriffin Belcamp area
have as their priority goals the provision and maintenance of a quality
environment for residents, the protection of the local environment and
the creation of walkable communities easily accessed and traversed by
public transport and by bicycle."

This motion was unanimously agreed.   This is part of a
process of change in transport planning, turning it away from the
futile attempt to provide for more and more cars.